Stefan Dotter, born on the 16th of April 1993 in Bamberg, Germany, is a distinguished German artist currently based in Japan. Renowned for his distinctive, uniform handwriting, Dotter's work delves into the core of perceived truths. His handwriting predominantly revolves around the utilization of old medium-format cameras and intricate printing techniques. Dotter's work transcends traditional boundaries, often inviting the observer to traverse the expansive terrain between various artistic disciplines.

Hailing from the southern region of Germany, Dotter's upbringing was steeped in artistic influence. With an architect father and an art school graduate mother, the creative process was an ever-present force in his formative years. Originally enrolling in the Vienna University of Business and Economics in 2011 with the intention of pursuing international business relations, Dotter's path veered towards a different trajectory. He embarked on his inaugural venture, "Whitelies Magazine," which emerged as a rare platform for contemplation within the dynamic realm of independent publications. While exploring the medium of magazines, photography rapidly captivated his interest and became his favored mode of self-expression.

Subsequent to his departure from Humboldt University of Berlin, Dotter's photographic creations found their way into esteemed publications such as The British Journal of Photography, Vogue, Purple, and Document Journal. After years of extensive global travel on various assignments, Dotter immersed himself in a significant photography project in Afghanistan, collaborating with the United Nations' divisions of UNHCR and the International Trade Center, taking on the role of a teacher for a class of photography students. In the wake of the swift and tragic Taliban takeover in 2021, Dotter spearheaded a global initiative, rallying a coalition of 100 artists, including luminaries like Alec Soth and Elaine Constantine. The aim was to raise awareness about the dire situation and successfully fund the later successful evacuation of his students from Afghanistan to Brazil. Concurrently, Dotter documented the vital work of the NGO "Health in Harmony" along the Xingu River in the Amazon, providing healthcare for remote communities along the river.

Following a flourishing career in editorial and advertising, spanning the vibrant landscapes of Paris and Berlin, Dotter redirected his focus towards East Asia. This transformative journey ultimately culminated in his relocation to Tokyo, Japan, in 2022, where he currently resides and continues to create. Over the years, "Whitelies Magazine" has evolved into a formidable presence within the realm of independent publications, boasting 11 issues to date. Whitelies serves as a cultural and visual dialogue between the Asia Pacific and the Western world, with its cutting-edge content and influential creative community fostering intercultural exchange. Dotter presently serves as the Editor in Chief of the publication. Complementing the magazine's endeavors is Whitelies Studios, a boutique agency helmed by Dotter in his capacity as Creative Director. The studio has established successful collaborations with renowned brands such as Chanel, Hermès, and Giorgio Armani, spanning a myriad of projects. As a Creative Director, Dotter's artistic expressions remain ever-evolving, with the worlds of textiles and art not unfamiliar to his creative prowess. He is now globally represented by New York, Paris and Tokyo based representation “Home Agency”.


2012年、アジア太平洋地域とヨーロッパの文化的・視覚的対話を目的とした「Whitelies Magazine」を創刊。現在、11号を発行する同誌の編集長を務める傍ら、クリエイティブ・エージェンシー「Whitelies Studio」を主宰している。また、国連のコンサルタントとして、アフガニスタンの学生たちに写真を教えた経験もある。

彼の作品は、Atmos・British Journal of Photography・Document Journal・Purple・Re-Edition・Vogueなど様々な出版物に掲載されている。また広告プロジェクトでは、Chanel・Dior・Hermes・Issey Miyake・Mame Kurogouchi・Thom Browne等のブランドに携わる。過去にはロンドン・パリ・ニューヨーク・オスロ・ベルリンでの個展やグループ展でも活躍している。

2022 - The Identity Exhibition, Sheriff Gallery Paris

2021 - Hope Exhibition Fundraiser, Sheriff Gallery Paris

2021 - Palm Photo Prize Shortlist & Exhibition

2021 - &CO119 Gallery, Paris: Life Framer

2021 - Officine Fotografiche, Milan: Life Framer

2021 - Strange Flowers Groupshow

2020 - Contour Gallery, Rotterdam: Life Framer

2020 - Life Framer Award judged by Alex Prager

2017 - Vitra Exhibition with Studio Odile Decq, Paris

2017 - Sleek Art “Form follows Function”, Berlin

2016 - Momentary Bliss, Oslo

2016 - Forget Fear Group Exhibition, Berlin

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