When Mademoiselle Chanel presented her Haute Couture collections, the silhouettes would walk down the iconic stairway of her rue Cambon salon, decorated with vertical mirrors. Its fragmented and infinitely multiplied reflection has been one of the dressmakerʼs most emblematic images. Yet the essence of Chanel Haute Couture does not only reside in this pure image- ry but also the other side of these mirrors. One must go through the looking-glass to uncover the other side of the fascinating world of the Haute Couture ateliers and Métiers dʼArt ateliers. Indeed, Haute Couture re- mains a limitless realm of expression, an exceptional territory that distinguishes itself through an interna- tionally unique kind of craftsmanship.

Since 1985 Chanel has contributed to shedding light on and saving this artistry by cooperating with twelve Maisons dʼArt and twenty-two manufacturers that still provide irreplaceable and unique skills for luxury hous- es and the world of luxury. Through this engagement, Chanel is not only taking part in the preservation but also an active promotion of new generations of talent. Parisian embroiderers, flower makers, pleaters, gold- smiths, glove makers, button and ornamentation man- ufacturers, plumassiers, shoemakers and milliners all gather under the beautiful name of Paraffection (“By Affection”) and retain their independence while contin- uing to use their expertise in dedication to Haute Cou- ture and Métiers dʼArt collections.





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