As our communities are locked in and we are stripped of some exciting encounters of our regular life, many people start to dream more intensely, creating those missed experiences in our most vulnerable state. An important way to access a world beyond our reach during times like these has always been film & tv. In collaboration with Chanel, we caught up with three of the brightest stars on the acting horizon of Germany - Maria Dragus, Milena Tscharntke and Lisa Vicari. We dive deeply into the world of their dreams, how acting affects their emotions and what genuinely makes them happy. We peek at a new world around the corner where virtual reality becomes more and more prevalent, the parallels to voice acting and why Maria cries on airplanes.

Actresses Lisa Vicari, Milena Tscharntke and Maria Dragus with Chanel for Whitelies Magazine. Appeared in the Permanence issue. 





stefan dotter


almut vogel


lisa vicari
milena tscharntke
lisa dragus


moritz matlik