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Shot in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

The textiles were all unearthed on a journey de Kroon undertook following a silk road route from China, through Uzbekistan and Tajikistan to Afghanistan. “There are so many incredible artisanal and artistic communities with so much knowledge about textiles in that part of the world, but because of the political instability nobody really works with them, so they can’t access the international market,” she says, speaking over the phone from Berlin, where she now lives, and from which Zazi operates with its team of two: in addition to de Kroon, there is a head of design, Adèle Logan. “The focus was on creating jobs without creating more stuff – so we used deadstock fabrics we unearthed on the trip.” The remaining 20 per cent is made from natural silk, dyed carefully without chemicals, in Uzbekistan, where the campaign was also photographed by Stefan Dotter, a friend whom de Kroon met on a Buddhist meditation retreat.

by Elie Pithers, VOGUE UK