IX. -  17/11/2020 - Cimietiere Marin de Sete, France

VI. - 04/05/2020 - A ‘Dotter’ (eng. Yolk) captured on the Yomiuri Shimbun (jp. 読売新聞) newspaper issue of the 20th of March 2020, Toba, Mie Prefecture

V. - 01/05/2020 - The fleeting beauty of Mount Fuji captured on the 新幹線 from Tokyo to Nagoya or Nagoya to Tokyo, 2020

IV. - 01/05/2020 - How to protect a tree in the Hamarikyu Gardens (jp. 浜離宮恩賜庭園) in Tokyo, 2020

III. 01/05/2020 - Houses in Tokyo that are covered in tiles, captured around Setagaya, 2020

The outsides of many buildings in Japan’s cities resemble the insides of bathrooms: the walls are covered by thousands of tiny, shiny ceramic tiles. I had noticed this phenomenon before,but always dismissed it as one of the many quirks of Japan’s modern architecture. As most of the region in Japan is flooded and covered up with the oceanic areas the walls get easily wet because of the cracks. So wall tiles can secure their houses getting damaged from such circumstances. Wall tiles can prove to be the best option in such scenarios and are very well suitable as they are water resistant from texture and surface of the tile.

II - 25/04/2020 - The different shades and mists of a himalayan sunrise, Ladakh, 2019

I. - 23/04/2020 - Life on scooters documented on the Colombian island of San Andres, 2017

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