10/10/2020 - Paris

Xing Xing Mao for Manifesto with Christina Ahlberg

10/06/2020 - London

The Earth Issue Freedom Fundraiser

100% of proceeds after printing and shipping will be split amongst the organizations on Bail Funds: George Floyd and the 4Front Project. All initial US donations will be directed to Black Lives Matter via the Bails Funds platform. However, The Earth Issue will continuously monitor the landscape of organisations needing funds, adjusting to whom we donate every 3 days based on needs and recommendations from frontliners in the civil rights struggle.

The Freedom Fundraiser print sale will be held for 30 days. Funds will be paid out to the organisations every three days. Prints will be sold for £100 including shipping. 100% of proceeds after printing and shipping will be donated.  All prints for sale on this website are subject to copyright.  

Two of my prints are up on sale right now:

Anyonymous, India, 2019
Connection, Thailand, 2019


20/05/2020 - Copenhagen

Pictures without Borders

Pictures Without Borders is photographers from all over the world, across genres, raising awareness towards the current global crisis and raising funds to support countries and regions most affected. MSF has a global response to the pandemic and the consequences of the global lockdown that causes limited acces to general medicin, medical aid, healthcare and food in countries and regions most affected. To read more about MSF's global response please visit msf.org

All prints cost 100€ and are in editions of 50. When buying a print for 100€, a donation of 70€ will be made directly to MSF in your name. The remaining 30€ is held for printing and packaging cost, all proceeds from the print and packaging cost will be donated to MSF. This fundraiser is registered with The Danish Fundraiser board.


16/04/2020 - Berlin


To prevail through the Corona-crisis we need to focus on solidarity. As many events in our current system, the effects of this Virus will hit the ones hardest,
who already have a hard time. There are so many points to which we can direct our attention - supporting the homeless, financing caregiver organisations
to ensure the survival of our older generation or helping victims of domestic violence.

For this print-sale we decided to support the “Seenotrettung” who are helping people at our external borders. Refugee camps like “Moria” on Lesbos are racing
towards a catastrophy. Social distancing or Quarantine is not possible if you live in a camp with 20.000 people, which is only layed out for 3.000. Once again
the small initiatives are left alone by the EU, but we can make a change.

To support this project we are selling limited edition c-prints in an edition of 20 each with 50% of the proceeds go directly to “Stiftungsfond Zivile Seenotrettung”
For more information see leavenoonebehind2020.org

With your donation you support organisations at the external border, which are supporting refugees. The donations are directly donated to the “Stiftungsfond Zivile Seenotrettung”.
Projects that support refugees on site can apply for funds unbureaucratically. This ensures that the donations arrive quickly and directly where they are needed.

Each print is 60€ + 5€ Shipping

Buy the prints here.


Achtung Mode - Fotos für Solidarität

© Stefan Dotter, 2020